Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair
If you want to do a nice makeup and hair, you need to schedule as soon as you can. Few suggestions:
@makeupdayrocha @makedudamartins 
@marilialacerdaa @francibarros 
@Brunapabst  @gabrielaamorim 


If you decide to get something there to wear or you happen to forget something, you have many options on those two malls:
Rio Mar Shopping 

Shopping Center Recife (The biggest mall in Latin America. Try not to get lost inside)

Places to visit

Take a break
So many gorgeous places to go around and near Recife! We realized based on your enquires and questions that we’d better do a full page about it. Click here to see places to go in and near Recife.


Yes, you should watch your belongings all the freaking time! If you are being robbed, give everything you have and don’t react. We don’t want to scare you out but we are gonna. Rules:
– Don’t walk distracted on the streets. Point A to point B straight away.
– If you want to look at your phone, do it indoors or inside your uber/taxi/ car.
– Don’t wear or show off flashy clothes, jewelry, expensive cameras or other expensive/easy to rob items.
– Try to arrange services and settle the prices beforehand at your hotel service desk or use the help of Brazilian friends you made on our wedding.


Unfortunately, Recife does not have a decent public transportation.
The safest options are:
Uber Download the app, we’re pretty sure you know how to use it
Rent a car You are going to spend around €15/day
Taxi Download Easy Taxi app

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Brazil, there’s ZERO alcohol allowance while driving, not even a glass of wine or a beer. Don’t ever drink and drive. You don’t want to spend the night in jail, especially in Brazil.


You might wonder the difference between the hotels we mentioned. Send us a message at to get your promotional code.

– TRYP Hotel Closer to the wedding venue but 20min by car, but distant from the interesting stuff going on in the city. It’s a four stars hotel and the Price is R$254 for the standard room and R$305 for the premium room without breakfast.

Atlante Plaza It’s in Boa Viagem beach, closer to most of the attractions we recommended in the city and a good neighborhood. Five stars hotel and the prices are R$284 Single and R$311 Double with breakfast.

Mar Hotel It’s also in Boa Viagem beach and it’s from the same group as Atlante Plaza Hotel. Four stars, R$225 Single, R$252 Double with breakfast.

Sheraton Hotel Five stars, closer to the venue but we didn’t reach an agreement on a promo code due to lack of friendly staff, so we decided to cut them off. But we are nice enough to recommend it anyway, it’s a great hotel.

All hotels charge 5% for tourism tax, it’s optional but helps on the tourism in the state.

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