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So many gorgeous places to go around and near Recife! We realized based on your enquires and questions that we’d better do a full page about it. Click here to see places to go in and near Recife.

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Was super hard to select our favorites but there we go:
– Recife Antigo – Take a look at the handmade gift shop during the day at the Marco Zero Square, then take a great seafood dish at sunset in one of the restaurants of the pier.
Ricardo Brennand Institute – If you like art, the institute is a great place to visit. Brennand is one of the most well-known artists in Recife. Its Restaurant has also a good reputation.
– Olinda  is the sister-city of Recife. Try typical food such as tapioca or acarajé while  enjoying the top view between Olinda and Recife.


– Ponta de Mangue (127km, 2h by car)
Grand Oca Resort

– Porto de Galinhas (64km, 1h by car)

Beira Mar Hotel


– Tamandaré (108km, 1h50 by car)

– Japaratinga (147km, 2hh40 by car)

– Fernando de Noronha
It’s an island, so you need to get there by plane. The flight takes around 1h and cost around €300. But it definitely worth the trip if you have the time and effort to spend.

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