About us

We’re not only cute, we have a history.

He was born in Belo Horizonte, moved to Germany in 2004. After all those years, still misses the Brazilian weather. Loves playing FIFA, eating a great steak, drinking gin tonic - maybe a beer - and anything technological.
They had to go all the way from Brazil, to finally meet in Dublin, in 2013. He was such a tall gentleman and she was so friendly and small. After several flights in dates, they started a relationship in the following year. They moved in together in the summer of 2016, got engaged in 2017 and are getting married in 2018.
She was born in Brazil, spent two years in Ireland and ended up moving to Germany in 2015. Loves colors, sewing, youtube, eating seafood with a colorful drink - maybe a beer - and anything technological.
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